Chloraxid gel 5,25% Extra

Preparation for root canals rinsing PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE PRODUCT FOR DENTAL USE ONLY INGREDIENTS: sodium hypochlorite (5.25% of active chlorine), Ph Eur purified water, surfactants, gel base. INDICATIONS FOR USE Removal of dead pulp residues during mechanical broaching of root canals. Cleans the root canal, including the synovial layer to expose the dental tubule orifices prior to filling the canal. Prevents discolouration of the teeth from filling a root canal without flushing. The gel consistence of the preparation minimises the risk of feeding the product beyond the apical opening and ensures a precise control of application. CHLORAXID 5.25% GEL EXTRA is specifically recommended for preparing root canals with wide, underdeveloped or damaged apexes.

PACKAGING Syringe, containing 2 ml of the preparation and a pack of disposable applicators.

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Reparative Cement

  • Treatment of root canal and furcation perforations
  • Sealing of internal resorption 
  • Surgical treatment of root perforation due to internal resorption
  • Reverse filling in periapical surgery
  • Pulp capping
  • Pulpotomy (removal of affected coronal pulp to preserve vitality of remaining pulp tissue)
  • Apexigenesis (induction of root development in vital teeth with an inflamed coronal pulp)
  • Apexification (induction of formation of a mineralized barrier at the root tip of young permanent teeth with incomplete root development and a necrotic pulp)
Ref. 822 MTA (White) - 1 g of White MTA, 3 ml of distilled water, 1 scoop

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MTA Fillapex

MTA-Based root canal sealer

Ref. 827 MTA Fillapex - 1 syringe (4 g), 10 automixing tips and 1 mixing pad

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Material for filling and rebuilding of the root canals

STANDARD 6 x 0,14 g BIO MTA+ powder, 1 ml of BIO MTA+ liquid

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Calcium Hydroxide Paste

Indications for use
Indirect and direct pulp coating

Pulpitis (reversible form): traumatic, acute serous, chronic fibrous

Apexification and apexogenesis

Why choose pasta
Ready to use release form

High calcium hydroxide content

Minimum air contact

Convenient application of material dotted to the bottom of a deep tooth cavity

Release form
syringe 7g, plastic cannula

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Chram Base

Dent Kist

Product details:-
Light curing thickness 2mm
Flexural strength 90 MPa
Contains calcium hydroxide, zinc oxide and fluorine
Progressive release of zinc oxide, calcium and fluoride

Data sheets:-
2g tube with disposable applicator tips

Cavity bottom for all types of materials
Indirect pulp styling

Why we chose this product
Easy cavity background to place
be careful not to use for direct pulp hairstyles

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Orange Guttane

ORANGE GUTTANE is intended for use during repeated root canal treatments to remove gutta-percha cones from the root canal.

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