LLis is a microhybrid, radiopaque composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Its composition was based in modern concepts so that methacrylate monomers, silanes and fillers with adequate size distribution were combined to produce a product with differential physical, mechanical and optical properties. LLis presents a simplified system of shades, offering enamel, dentin and incisal shades. The inorganic filler loading of LLis is 77.5 to 78.5% by weight or 56 to 59% by volume and presents particles sizes between 40 nm and 3.0 microns with an average particle size of 0.8 µm.

Enamel Refill:

EA1- EA2- EA3- EA3.5- EA4 - EB1- EB2- EB3 - EC2 – EC3 and Incisal (4-gram syringes);

Dentin Refill:

DA1, DA2, DA3 (Universal), DA3.5, DB2. (4-gram syringes).

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Vittra Unique 4g

Chameleon effect
Copies the shade of the dental substrate during the polymerization process, achieving perfect mimicry thanks to the chromatic mirroring characteristics of the composite.

Universal chroma
From Bleach to D4 with just one shade of composite! It does not require stratification in most cases and allows the adoption of a simple incremental technique, without using different degrees of opacity/translucency.

Agility and economy
It does not require shade selection and, therefore, makes it faster to complete restorative procedures, increases the productivity of the professional and reduces the stock of composite shades.

High esthetics and mechanical resistance
In addition to excellent shine and polishing, it has high rates of flexural strength and fracture toughness to withstand the stress resulting from masticatory forces.

Exclusive APS Technology(Advanced Polymerization System)
Longer working time even under the reflector's light, more efficient photopolymerization, increased mechanical properties, superior esthetics with shade transmission and mirroring facilitated thanks to the more transparent photoinitiators of the APS technology (compatible with all light emitting light-curing devices).

BPA Free, ensuring safety and health
Safety and health for the patient! Studies shiw the interference of the compound Bisphenol A (BPA) in the endocrine system and in fetal and child development, in addition to reproductive problems. Although the amount of BPA released in saliva by resinous materials is much less than the safety limit dose, there is a worldwide trend to remove BPA from restorative dental products.

Smart syringe
Smart-Lock lid: ergonomics and easy handling. Dosing tip for precise portions and without waste, in addition to biosafety: it prevents the placement of the spatula inside the tube, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

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Flowable composite.

Light-cured flowable composite Rainbow Flow was designed for children. It has low polymerization shrinkage and high strength. Available in 6 lively and cheerful colours chosen by the youngest patients.


methacrylic resins (bis-GMA, UDMA ,TGDMA), inorganic nanoparticle filling, pigments, photoinitiator, inhibitor

Available packages:

  • 1 x syringe containing 1g of the preparation (chosen colour) + applicators
  • Super Six: 6 x syringe containing 1g of the preparation (colours: orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink) + applicators

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Protective enamel with fluoride for children.


  • 0,1% fluorosilane (1600 ppm F¯), HEMA, excipients.

Available packages:.

  • Fluor Defender maxi: 10 x 1 ml of preparation +  set of disposable brush applicators.

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Opallis More Technology in a microhybrid composite resin with particle size of about 0,5 µm indicated for direct restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.

Basic Kit – 6 syringes

EA2; EA3; EA3.5; DA2; DA3; T- neutral

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CaOH Powder


Calcium hydroxide, calcium phosphate dibasic, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, calcium chloride anhydrous, potassium chloride, sodium carbonate anhydrous.

1 g of the product contains 330 mg of calcium hydroxide.

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Heraeus Kulzer Charisma Classic 8 syringe assortment, Charisma Classis is the first composite to offer the second generation of Microglass filler technology in syringes

Heraeus Kulzer Charisma Classic is the very first composite to offer the second generation of Microglass filler technology. This new and enhanced technology is developed in close cooperation with practitioners worldwide to meet your requirements for composite workability and natural brilliance. Single-shade layering techniques have never been this easy.

Heraeus Kulzer Charisma Classic Syringe Assortment kit:

2pcs A2 66056077
2pcs A3 66056078
1pc A1 66056076
1pc A3.5 66056079
1pc B2 66056102
1pc OA2 66056105;
+ Pictorial Card

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Opallis Flow

FGM Opallis Flow 2 g

Low viscosity composite.

  • Ideal viscosity for use as base of restorations;
  •  Easy application.

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1 - A1 (4 g) syringe, 2 – A2 (4 g) syringe, 1 – A3 (4 g) syringe, 1 – A2 Dentin (4 g) syringe, 2 - Gel Etchant (3 g), 1 – 6 ml Optibond S bottle, 25 Mixing Pads, 50 Disposable Applicators, Technique Card


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